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  • Lee Graphics is a Montreal web design and web hosting company located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We've been in business since 1996 starting out in print-design and now focus on web design and web marketing .

    Our vision is to help our guide customers through the maze of technology and help them identify their goals and strategies in order to achieve their targets.

    We believe in, planning, building and execution. We believe in analyzing performance and interpreting data then acting upon them to deliver measurable results. Work smart > work hard is our motto.

    Our commitment is to deliver the highest possible service for your project.

  • What We Do

    We work with clients to identify their goals and targets then help them achieve it with the help of web technologies. We work not only on building the individual pieces of the project but consider the entire picture so that the aspects work cohesively as a whole.

    Our main areas include:

    1. Domain Name Registration & Setup
    2. Website Design & Development
    3. Web Hosting
    4. Web Marketing
    5. Maintenance & Support

    Please take a look at our services section for more details or check out our portofolio.
  • Our Clients

    We have a diverse list of clients from different fields and industries. We try to understand and help each one`s particular needs and cater to each individual projects budget.  Many of our clients are companies and corporations, as well as SMBs.  Our intergrated solutions will help many companies who wish to deal with a single company as opposed to different ones and have everything managed under one roof.

    For more details on our projects please take a look at our clients section.
  • The Process

    We adopt a logical and methodical approach to our projects. We first identify our goals and targets then set up a solid foundation and fit each piece of the puzzle in together.  Once the pieces are in place we will test then launch.  Once the site is launched we can help monitor and tweak the web site for optimal performance.

       1. Initial consultation to discuss project details
       2. Identify goals and targets
       3. Web site planning and needs analysis
       4. Setup domain, hosting, e-mail configurations
       5. Project design and development
       6. Beta testing and bug fixes
       7. Approval and Launch
       8. e-Marketing (Google Adwords, PPC, SEO/SEM)
       9  Monitoring and Tweaking

    From years of experience we`ve adopted strict standards and best practices to ensure the projects we take on are fully optimized for the web. 

    For more details please check out our services section.

  • We offer one-stop shopping for your web design needs. What sets us apart is that we offer an integrated solution for your project.  Which means you do not have to hire different experts for different needs.  Some designers do not do online marketing or outsource your hosting to a third party or aren't experts in search engine optimization (SEO).  From a development standpoint it is advantageous to have the same company perform the different tasks beacuse they will have indepth knowledge of the project and code.

    We do not use pre-designed templates or outsource to overseas developers.  We focus on quality and treat each project with care and attention because it's our reputation at stake. We've been in business since 1996, and are committed to helping our clients succeed. 

    Should you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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